Birmingham Get-together

Kendrick Centre

April 13th 2024
A bright sunny day brought 25 lovely folks to the Birmingham get-together. We had 14 regulars.  3 couldn’t make it due to illness, and 11 newcomers!! – 6 of whom have HSP.  

Milford April Meeting

6th April 2024
Following the Carer’s time together, we were pleased to welcome Tel Martin from AGEUK as guest speaker. Tel’s topic was ‘Planning for The Future’, which is being pioneered in Surrey.

Birmingham post-Christmas lunch

Group Meeting

It was good to have 16 of us getting together for a pub lunch towards the end of January. Everyone said how lovely it was to meet up in person and to be able to share news, experiences and information.

Milford Afternoon Tea meeting report

19 November 2023
As our guest speaker for the meeting, we were very pleased to welcome Professor Sue Lanham-New, who is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, from the University of Surrey.

Birmingham meeting report

Group Meeting

15 October 2023

A lovely sunny Sunday brought 14 of us together at The Kenrick Centre in Harborne for our autumn get-together at 12 noon, where we enjoyed a tasty buffet lunch with refreshments.

Scotland update July

We have not yet been able to fix a place for Face to Face meetings. We’ve been offered a room, but nobody to host the meeting, so have decided to run zooms which at least will include the Highlands and islands.

Burnley Meeting Report

Group Meeting

24 June 2023
We met at Mount Zion Church, in Cliviger, Burnley, and my friend helped with drinks and snacks.
One couple came, which allowed the opportunity for a more in-depth discussion. We talked about physiotherapy and plans for the future.

Zoom Scotland Report

Scottish Island

21 May 2023
We had an interesting discussion about how the fund that is supposed to exist for Scots to travel to centres in England can be accessed. It seems one exits to allow those on the islands to travel within Scotland for treatment.

Scotland update

We have been a bit quiet on the Scotland front so I thought I should update you. There have been a few Zooms over the past months and the plan was to wait until the planned meeting of the Scottish CPG at the Holyrood parliament on 15th March.

Colchester Branch Meeting

Group Meeting

23rd April 2023
We met at Feering Community Centre, near Colchester in Essex. We were very pleased to be joined by two new members as well as those we know well.