Supporting research


Research provides the main routes towards finding a cure and developing viable, effective treatments for HSP. To this end we have recently provided grants to teams researching the condition.

As a group we know there are normally many different research projects in progress, looking into various aspects of the condition, from understanding how any why HSP occurs through to establishing best practice for relief of the different symptoms that people with HSP often get.

The charity is committed to promoting and protecting the health of those with HSP and supporting activities whose outcomes may lead to benefits to those with HSP. We want to use our resources to help wherever we can and believe it is appropriate to use our funds to support research projects.

Currently we are prepared to consider applications from researchers for grants us up to £15,000 for funding for projects which aim to further the understanding of HSP and have potential to provide benefits to those with HSP.

To apply, please contact our Chairman, Adam Lawrence.