Milford April Meeting

6th April 2024

Meeting report by Michael and Jane

Following the Carer’s time together, we were pleased to welcome Tel Martin from AGEUK as guest speaker. Tel’s topic was ‘Planning for The Future’, which is being pioneered in Surrey, covering all the aspects of life we need to consider, regardless of our age. These include making a will, organising your Lasting Power of Attorney, and with our disability in mind, paying for our future care. A number of these factors depend on families communicating, which isn’t always easy. Tel gave the example that in a family where the siblings didn’t get on, the parents filed all the relevant documents and then brought everyone together and explained their system in the event of their death.

 The ‘Planning for The Future’ document included a number of useful Surrey links, but knowing that people travelled from other areas to Milford, Tel kindly prepared supplements for the areas where people lived.

We are very lucky that so many regularly travel to the meeting in Milford, but are delighted, as we were, to welcome new members and their families.  The combination of established and new coming together, has created the benefits of sharing. For example, so often new people will ask about walking aids and equipment and with the wealth of knowledge of others, there can be a lot of discussion and often showing of items to answer the questions.

As many have to travel a distance to Milford and driving home in the dark can be difficult, we are holding our autumn meeting a month earlier, in October.  We’re looking forward to seeing you again on Sunday 6th from 2pm until 5pm.

Hoping you have an enjoyable summer.

Best wishes,

Michael and Jane

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