Milford Afternoon Tea meeting report

19th November 2023

Report by Jane Bennett

Whilst the Carers were having their time together, the rest of us were catching up and enjoying a chat. As our guest speaker for the meeting, we were very pleased to welcome Professor Sue Lanham-New, who is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist, from the University of Surrey. During the pandemic, having a nutritionist as a speaker was suggested. Sue joined us early, so she had time to meet everyone. Good nutrition is key to keeping us well and maintaining the strength we need to keep mobile, in whatever form we use. Rather than talk about diets, Sue focused and explained how we can maintain our body strength and health. One key nutrient discussed was Vitamin D, especially as we often have limited sunlight in the UK. Following the meeting, members have started taking Vitamin D which is needed to keep our muscles and teeth healthy. I’ve been asked by several people to ask Sue back again. ‘Watch this space’ as people say!!

We fully understand that travelling to face-to face meetings can be difficult and not always possible. Consequently, we are always pleased to see everyone who can travel to Milford, and appreciate that for those that can’t travel, the monthly Zoom meetings are beneficial. We were very pleased to welcome a new member who had travelled from S.E. London to Surrey for the meeting.

Phil Bungay and his wife joined us from the Medway Towns, and were able to explain and promote the Medway Neuro-Cafes, which he has pioneered. For those living in South East London and Kent, the Medway Neuro-Cafes offer a more local place to meet others with similar difficulties from neurological conditions whilst enjoying refreshment and having a chat. If anyone is interested, here is the link.

Our next Afternoon Tea is Saturday April 6th from 3pm until 6pm, at The Clockhouse. We look forward to seeing you there.

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