Scotland update

Meeting report by Mike Cain

We have been a bit quiet on the Scotland front so I thought I should update you.

There have been a few Zooms over the past months and the plan was to wait until the planned meeting of the Scottish CPG at the Holyrood parliament on 15th March.

However, that was postponed 30 seconds after I had mastered the train strike and extended my stay in Edinburgh. That postponement was due to yet another strike. The elections have got in the way of a date for the next meeting at Holyrood.

So In the meantime we have time to plan. At our initial meeting planned (but stopped by the pandemic) we/I chose Stirling as being in the centre of Scotland. People seemed to be concentrated in two places – Southwest Scotland and North East Scotland.

We have a probable offer of a meeting space in Paisley, but we do not have someone to co-ordinate. It seems that Dundee may also be a possibility, and of course, when the Holyrood Parliament meeting is reconvened I will hold a meeting in Edinburgh – at least to justify use of the extra day that I had just booked before I got the message of postponement.

There will of course be Zooms to allow those in the islands and Highlands and other remote places to participate, as well as getting updates on NHS Scotland plans.

So it would be good to get ideas, please email

Meanwhile we can all congratulate Gregor in being chosen for the Paralympics in 2023.

The next Zoom date is Sunday 21st May at 3 pm until 5 pm. Remember you can drop in and out. Email me for the link.

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