Milford Afternoon Tea

The next Milford Afternoon Tea is on Sunday November 20th from 2pm until 5pm. We are starting earlier in the hope everyone’s journey home is easier. Paul Graham, Senior Occupational Therapist from Queen Elizabeth’s foundation for disabled people, will be our speaker. The address for the meeting is, The Clockhouse, Chapel Lane, Milford, Nr. Godalming Surrey. GU8 5EZ Following refreshment …

Milford meeting report – So good!

23rd April 2022
During the afternoon, I heard these words many times. Why? So good to see each other again. So good to be able to chat and share again. So good not to be the only one with a funny walk. This last comment was surprising, but confirms the benefits of meeting with others with the same disability.

Milford Zoom Meeting Report

21st November 2021
Catching up with those who usually join us at Milford was a pleasure, plus welcoming a new couple.

Milford Zoom meeting report

17th April 2021

We managed a Zoom meeting on the 17th April!!! Although booked in November 2020, the death of Prince Philip, determined our April meeting may not be possible, due to his funeral.

Milford Zoom meeting report

8th November 2020

On November 8th, not wanting to miss out on a celebration, fourteen of us raised a glass, cup or mug in honour of twenty years of the Milford meetings. When face to face meetings return, hopefully in 2021, we’ll celebrate together.