Milford meeting report – So good!

23rd April 2022

Meeting report by Michael and Jane Bennett

During the afternoon, I heard these words many times. Why? So good to see each other again. So good to be able to chat and share again. So good not to be the only one with a funny walk. This last comment was surprising, but confirms the benefits of meeting with others with the same disability.

This was the first time our Saturday people had met since April 2019.  The Milford meetings are on Saturdays in April and Sundays in November, as some of the group can only join us on Saturday and others on Sunday. We are grateful that so many travel a distance to Milford, which often means the April meeting makes the journey home easier.

As usual, the carers were able to have time to themselves to share stories following two years of lockdown and restrictions. As I hadn’t been able to book a speaker, the afternoon continued with us celebrating being back together again, plus 22 years of the Milford meetings combined with lots of chat, some laughter and sharing experiences.

The sharing time included discussions about mobility aids, with offers to bring equipment to the April 2023 meeting. I am going to try and get a speaker from ‘Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for disabled people’ for November, in the hope that we’ll be prepared for our imparting session next year.

Definitely back to ‘old times’ finishing with a raffle and an afternoon tea, to prepare us for our journey home. Many thanks to all of those who joined us on Saturday and we are looking forward to our meeting on November 20th.

Best wishes,

Michael and Jane Bennett

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