Milford April Afternoon Tea Report

22nd April 2023

Meeting report by Jane Bennett

At our November meeting last year, we had agreed to have a ‘Show and Tell’ session about mobility aids at our meeting yesterday. True to form, we did. Mobility aids were not walking sticks, but attachments for wheelchairs.

Mike showed how a Freewheel, which is attached to the front of the wheelchair, can lift the small front wheels and prevent them getting stuck in pavement ruts and making the ride more comfortable for the wheelchair passenger.  This single front wheel also helps when pushing the wheelchair across rough ground, cobbles, icy and snow-covered pavements.  The freewheel/track-wheel can be purchased from several companies, which include, Gerald Simonds, and Rehasense.  

Colin and Sue have benefitted from using a power attachment from ‘Firefly’. Colin showed us how versatile this makes his wheelchair.

Brooke fully demonstrated the benefits of the ‘Triride’ power attachment to his wheelchair. He used it to get from Milford Station and then to The Clockhouse for the meeting; at least a mile. Brooke, if memory is correct, is the first to travel totally by public transport to get to a Milford Afternoon Tea. The ‘Triride’ is a more expensive power attachment, when compared with the ‘Firefly’. 

Discussions and demonstrations focused on the ease, or lack of, attaching these power packs to wheelchairs. Rehasense demonstrated at NAIDEX, the disability aids exhibition, a power attachment that will fit automatically to the wheelchair.

There are many companies manufacturing and selling wheelchair attachments, but these are the few we shared at Milford.

Holding the meeting at the same venue has benefits, especially when members take time away from attending meetings and then are able to return. Steve joined us after a lapse of seven years.

Our next meeting is Sunday November 19th from 2pm until 5pm. We start earlier in November as it gets dark earlier.

Best wishes, Jane.

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  1. I hadn’t thought of it before but do you need to attach the ‘FRONT WHEEL’ before you sit in the chair or can you fit it after you are in the chair?

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