Midlands Zoom meeting report

31st January 2021

We shared a lovely Zoom with 12 UK members, one completely new to the Support Group, some from different regions, and several of our regular members too.

AGM Highlights Video

There is a new video on our YouTube channel – a 6 minute highlight video of our AGM. Viewers can understand what we do and how we work. Enjoy!

Happy New Year

Wishing all our members, followers and anyone with an interest in #HereditarySpasticParaplegia a Happy New Year

Happy Christmas


Happy Christmas to our members, our followers, and anyone with an interest in the worldwide #HereditarySpasticParaplegia community! We held a lovely Zoom call yesterday, reaching out to any of our members who was by themselves, or feeling a bit down.

European HSP Surveys


2 European research projects keen to hear from anyone with HSP.

Latest Newslink

Our latest NewsLink is available to read

Declutter & Fundraise!

Declutter your house of books, games, CDs and DVDs and raise money for the group

Helping the group


Volunteer to help the group as a new year resolution

Zoom presentation 21st Nov.


This weekend (21st Nov 16:30 GMT) Dr Hande Ozdinler will present to the group using Zoom. You are welcome to join – please ask for the link