AGM – 15th July

News: Our 2023 AGM will be on Saturday 15th July, at 10:30.This will be through Zoom to allow as many members to attend.#HSP #RareDisease #HereditarySpasticParaplegia

Zoom Scotland Report

Scottish Island

21 May 2023
We had an interesting discussion about how the fund that is supposed to exist for Scots to travel to centres in England can be accessed. It seems one exits to allow those on the islands to travel within Scotland for treatment.

Scotland update

We have been a bit quiet on the Scotland front so I thought I should update you. There have been a few Zooms over the past months and the plan was to wait until the planned meeting of the Scottish CPG at the Holyrood parliament on 15th March.

Milford April Afternoon Tea Report

22nd April 2023
At our November meeting last year, we had agreed to have a ‘Show and Tell’ session about mobility aids at our meeting yesterday. True to form, we did. Mobility aids were not walking sticks, but attachments for wheelchairs.

Birmingham meeting report

Group Meeting

15th April 2023
It was great to be able to see everybody at our first ‘face to face’ get together since Covid. All 16 of us (including five people who hadn’t been to the Birmingham Support Group Meeting before), enjoyed a super buffet lunch and an informal chatty afternoon.

Hitchin get together meeting report

Group Meeting

28th January 2023

Twelve of us got together at the Orange Tree pub in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. It was good to see familiar faces as well as members that have returned after a few years. Great to catch up & spend  time with HSP’rs, face to face, after a long wait.

Sportspeople with HSP?


We are seeking sportspeople with HSP to help us in a bid to raise money.

HSP in Waterloo Road


Lucy Begg portrays people with disabilities in a positive way on BBC Waterloo Road

Happy New Year

Hoping everyone in the #HSP world has had time to relax and enjoy the holidays. Wishing everyone a happy new year! #HereditarySpasticParaplegia #RareDisease