1000 Mile Challenge – Week 1

HSP 1000 Mile Challenge

The first week of the 1000 mile challenge finished on Friday 16th July. We have got off to a really good start! Overall we have travelled 169 miles or 272 km. 10 members and the family of a former member have taken part, using seven different modes of transport.

The distances

The mode of transport with the greatest distance is cycling on a road bike, with Adam, our Chair, contributing 99 miles. The mode of transport with the greatest number of people is a manual wheelchair, with four members using these covering 33 miles, and thanks to Tony, Ian, Lily and Mark for whizzing along.

We’ve also had 2 members (Cath and Adam) walking unaided, covering 4 miles. Four members have travelled by arm cycling (John), electric wheelchair (Janet), paddleboard (Rachel) and swimming (Caroline), covering 17 miles altogether. Johns miles are virtual for two reasons, in addition to the whole virtual nature of this challenge, his arm cycling was a using a stationary machine.

Kim and her family walked 15 miles in memory of Kim’s dad Eric, noting that he would have been so pleased to have taken part.

The destination

169 miles has put us on the north Devon coast, between Lynton and Minehead. We will have to see where we end up at when we get to the end of week 2!

You can see the progress of the challenge on our page: https://hspgroup.org/hsp-1000-mile-challenge/

The donations

At the end of week 1 we have also raised an amazing £720, including a very generous donation of £500 from Mike and Anne Horsman. It is great to see the donations coming in, and we are looking forward to using these funds to support research into HSP.

Thank you!

Many thanks to all our participants who have travelled some distance, and many thanks to everyone who has made a donation. During our recent calls several other members have expressed interest in taking part, and we look forward to seeing some new faces in the upcoming weeks.

The image below shows the week 1 route, with bikes in blue, wheelchairs in red, walking in yellow, and you can almost make out pink for in the water!

1000 mile challenge week 1 route

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