HSP 1000 Mile Challenge

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This summer the members of the HSP Support Group are taking on the ‘HSP 1000 Mile Challenge’.

This virtual challenge to travel 1000 miles, the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats, will take place over 10 weeks, from 10 July to the 18 September 2021.

Inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore - this inclusive challenge enables active participation regardless of para-ability. The HSP 1000 Mile Challenge aims to raise awareness of HSP and raise funds to research this little known rare disease.

Each week the HSP members will submit the method and distances they have travelled. When the distances are combined together they will be plotted onto the challenge map. Head over to our participants stories page to see what everyone's been up to.

How to take part in the HSP 1000 Mile Challenge

The group members can use any of the following methods:-

  • Wheelchair (manual or electric)
  • Mobility scooter
  • Walking (aided / unaided)
  • Stair climbing (stairs or stair climber)
  • Cycling (exercise bike, arm cycling or cycling)
  • Rowing (rowing machine/seated row or rowing boat)
  • Running (running machine or running)
  • Swimming
  • Kayak / paddle board
  • Skiing / cross trainer
  • Horse riding
  • Roller skating / skateboarding
  • Sailing
  • Water-skiing
  • Adult trike.

To follow our progress take a look at our social’s where we’ll be sharing our member’s journeys.

Get involved on the participants page

How to support the HSP 1000 Mile Challenge

To support the HSP 1000 Mile Challenge you can sponsor us at JustGiving. All funds raised will go to research to develop viable, effective treatments for HSP, leading towards a cure.

Aims of the HSP 1000 Mile Challenge

Aims include:

  • Raise funds for HSP research to understand the cause of the condition, improve diagnosis, and develop treatments
  • Raise awareness of HSP
  • Encourage sporting activities for people of all abilities
  • Highlight the capacity that people living with a disability have to lead an active life
  • Raise awareness of the importance of a fully inclusive society.

Useful links

HSP Support Group members can find further details on our participants page.

View HSP 1000 Mile Challenge participant stories.

For general details - please contact the fundraising team.

For media enquiries - please contact Pip Lee.