Wales / Bristol area zoom meeting report

Sunday 10th October 2021

Write up by Kevin Mills

The meeting started at five pm (as advertised) but I was quite disappointed that only one member showed up, even though the meeting was well advertised and John Mason sent out 42 invitations. Although one other member actually took the time to email me and tell me that he would‘ve been there, but he would be travelling at the time. The thing is, I was just about to find out that it doesn’t matter how many people attend, because you can have a more detailed discussion with fewer people, although at the same time your views and ideas can reach more people with a better turn out, so a meeting with one member or ten members has its own merits.

Informative and detailed discussion on a couple of matters and I found his input to be very useful. (I just hope he found my input just as useful).  I will be holding another meeting soon.

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  1. Please dont be disappointed Kevin. People have many commitments and long term research says when is the best time or times to suit most. A ‘save the date’ helps minimise the impact of short notice events.

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