Tony two sticks – part 2

Glad to bring you Part Two from Tony Two Sticks. We had lots of questions about the adaptions he has made to his chair, so here is some info!

This wheelchair, I have adapted the Velcro strap, securing it with a ‘tri glide’ on either side, helping hold the Velcro together. Then for padding I used a red seat belt strap around that strap. In short socks it was still not as comfortable as I wanted. So I bought two football shin pads , drilled them, so I could fit them using ty wraps. To walk the dog, I use a bike seat post bar. This clips on and off. The bungee lead was kindly given to me by Barkswell, to try out on a wheelchair.  On the back – A pair of bike bottle holders, cheap on Amazon. Great also to hold sunglasses in a case. AndRed silicone dog treats pouch. 

When I’m shopping, I shop using a rucksack on the back. Rucksack has also been handy on some ‘Rolls & Strolls’ to carry raincoats and sandwiches. Or the rough rucksack for carrying tools, when working.  With my low pop up handled the rucksack often slid off. So I got a click strap ( the same items with wheelchair in the title are noticeably more expensive, so looked under luggage straps.)

Then to stop the rucksack straps getting into the gap between tyres and fender! I cut a yellow plastic disc ( off one of Henry vacuums wheels, he’s very sharing!!) in half. These where drilled and fitted where fender fastens to the frame. The only issue, is if you’ve bought a heavy load, the wheelchair can tip when I stand at the till!!

And, Tony two sticks has found a fantastic way to travel with his beautiful granddaughter Aubree, using a Chicco carrier!!

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