New HSP Research Award

EuroHSP and Tom Wahlig Foundation

We are pleased to announce a new HSP research award initiative from EuroHSP.

There is a new award for HSP researchers, being funded by EuroHSP, the Adolf Strümpell Prize with a value of 2,500 Euro. It is a best paper award to recognise research achievements in therapy/treatment for HSP. This is an international award, with an international panel of judges. The award winner will present their work at the 2021 Tom Wahlig Foundation symposium, where the award will be presented.

You can download the details of the award here:

Award Criteria:

  • Applicants must be the first or last author of an article in a scientific journal referenced in Medline.
  • The publication date is not more than 18 months ahead of the submission deadline or the paper is “in press” as confirmed by the editor of the journal.
  • The submitted paper is in the field of symptomatic and causal therapy of hereditary spastic paraplegia and related diseases and contains analysis of human data.
  • At the date of the submission deadline the applicant has not exceeded 40 years of age.
  • Each applicant should not submit more than one application.
  • The applicant has not applied for other awards for the same paper in the same period.

The award is a new venture for EuroHSP, and they will be one of the judges of the award. The 2500 euro prize is partly from EuroHSP funds, and partly from EuroHSP member organisations, including our group.

This is an exciting new award, and we hope that this will encourage more research and papers into treatment options for those with HSP. Also, we are pleased that the award is being targeted at the younger researchers. This hopefully helps favour treatment option research over time.

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