Milford Zoom meeting report

On November 8th, not wanting to miss out on a celebration, fourteen of us raised a glass, cup or mug in honour of twenty years of the Milford meetings. When face to face meetings return, hopefully in 2021, we’ll celebrate together.

Only those members that keep in email contact were invited to the meeting, with eleven confirming before the date. I send my apologies to Penny and Lorraine for not inviting them as they were at our first meeting.

We would have enjoyed seeing more people, but having a limited number, enabled everyone to chat easily for 75 minutes. Although the emphasis was on seeing each other and catching up, discussion topics agreed before the meeting included:

  • If, and how, HSP is affected by medical treatments, and, perhaps, the reverse
  • The AGM
  • Effects of lockdown
  • Living with our disability.

During discussions, the topic of speakers came up. Several suggestions were made, including a couple of requests for previous speakers to be invited again. If we do return to meetings, all I have to do is send some emails!!

A couple were saying that they don’t attend the November meeting in Milford due to travelling in the dark. A consideration is to have a Zoom meeting, for those that couldn’t attend, with some who did, perhaps a week later. This is certainly worth thinking about.

Report by Jane Bennett

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