Introducing: Tony two sticks! (part 1)

Tony two sticks, & Bella, his Cockerpoo, have been racking up the miles for the HSP1000 challenge.  And wow – does Tony love a challenge!  In his manual chair, he takes on cross country adventures and loves to get some speed up with a downhill freewheel! 

His positive outlook and refusal to see anything as an obstacle makes Tony a real inspiration to the group. 

Thank you Tony, for the miles and for sharing your daredevil rides!  Keep going, we still have a way to go!

‘My ultimate low, was when i sold my Mountain bike. I don’t mind telling you, I went into my bedroom and cried. Like so many people I put off and resisted every aid, from the first walking stick through trekking canes, to the mobility scooter. But it was on holiday, hiring a mobility scooter, that I realised that this was how I could take my life back.’

Tony is a member of a walking group (I know what you are thinking – perhaps not your first choice of groups when you are a wheelchair user! ) But for Tony, it takes him further afield and out on some challenging routes:- ‘A Walking Group friend, as we had all climbed to the top of the hill in Campbell Park, said ‘Tony, you are not disabled, you are differently abled’.  I love that phrase and now, any issues that are seen as warnings in a Walking Group post, like – Sty’s across two fields, muddy paths in the woodland, steps to the aqueduct, only lock gates by which to cross the canal… Are now like a red rag to a bull, for me. Off I go with a friend from the group, to see how I get on, thankfully managing all so far. But, something like the very steep muddy climbs in Woburn woods, I’m realistic and know it’s daft to try that. Plus joining the Walking group, has opened their eyes to wheelchair use.  Also, some of them have issues in their lives, which are not obvious and they feel comfortable enough to chat about, as we ‘Roll & Stroll’.

‘Just Puddle Monkey (Bella, the Cockerpoo) and I were out this morning at a place called Waterhall Park, for a ‘Roll, scurry & sniff’.  I’ll talk to anyone anyway, I’m a Northerner, but it’s also easier with a hound. So, I would say, try new things. For me, it’s archery these next two Sundays and I’m waiting to hear when wheelchair tennis will begin. I was asked when I last played tennis? … “at school!” Who cares, give it a go!’

Part two of Tony two sticks coming soon……….

To support Tony with the HSP1000 Mile challenge you can donate with Just Giving:

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