HSP in Waterloo Road


You may be interested to see the new series of Waterloo Road on the BBC. Lucy Begg is playing the part of Caz Williams.

What to watch report:

Lucy Begg as Caz Williams

Newcomer Lucy Begg plays Caz, Waterloo Road’s head pupil. She’s a determined, smart, level-headed pupil and a talented artist who “refuses to let her disability or sexuality define her”.

Where else have you seen Lucy Begg? Lucy is a relative newcomer, though she has also appeared in ITV’s Ridley. 


Her family say: “Just a quick update on Lucy. She has a part in Waterloo Road. She wanted to represent people with disabilities in a positive way to a wider audience so grasped this opportunity with both hands. She felt that growing up there hasn’t been many role models on TV and wants to be a part of changing this. We are so very proud of her!”

If you’re in the UK you can watch this on the BBC iplayer:


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