Help us with a new year resolution?


We know that many people like to start the new calendar year with resolutions.

If you’re thinking about resolutions, think about offering some time to help us. On our website we have a page of ideas you could help with. You could chat through other ideas to help deliver our mission statement – we’re happy to talk!

You don’t have to have HSP to be able to help us, you just need to want to commit some time to help. Most of our activities can be done from home via the internet. For example, you could offer to help us for a few months, for a year, or for as long as you can until your circumstances change.

At the top of our list are bigger roles you could help with. But, if you scroll down there are plenty of ideas generally requiring smaller amounts of time.

We’re very open to hearing other ideas from people. We want to be better known, so we’re more easily found by people who are diagnosed with HSP looking for support.

Just a quick final word. If you’ve got HSP and don’t need our support, you could be someone who offers support to others.

Do drop us a line, we’re very happy to hear from anyone!

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