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Huge congratulations to Laura who completed a 17-mile sportive route from Prideaux place in Padstow, on a tri-cycle handbike! Thank you to Laura for joining #HSP1000 Mile Challenge. 

“Lots of people said they were inspired by me on my bike, I’d say the same about the other amazing handcyclists out there. It’s not just a bike ride, it’s mental health, physical health and its inclusion.”  

In August 2020, as Laura adjusted to changes in her condition, she looked for ways to find an activity that gave her an adrenalin rush and enabled her to explore the great outdoors.  “Bizarrely it took me becoming disabled to suddenly want to go and ride a bike, which might not sound like it makes any sense!  The idea of not being able to move around as freely as I’d like made me go in search of something that would allow me to do just that, to explore the environment around me whilst moving at a pace I choose.”

Laura discovered handbikes: “Hand bike?! It’s pretty much what you’d expect, a bike you power with your hands! There are different types out there and, if I’m honest, I was expecting them to be heavy and insanely hard work. As it turns out they’re actually much more agile and cooler than I thought, it’s a beautiful thing!”  “Finding the ability in my disability has repaired my relationship with cycling, who knew a bike would become instrumental in me adapting to, dare I say it, LOVING exercise!”

Laura’s energy, enthusiasm and determination are infectious, her positive outlook is truly inspiring.  “This genetic condition of mine physically affects my legs, but it also has a bad habit of trying to sneak up on me mentally. I get a tad frustrated with not being able to do things like I used to, stuff takes longer to get done and some things are falling into the ‘can’t manage that anymore’ category. I often have to have a word with myself to not waste the ‘leg time’ I have left just feeling sorry for myself! It’s happening, there’s nothing I can do to change it, so I need to make the most of it.”

Laura has set up ‘TRI-cycle’ which aims to connect with the differently-abled and wider community through adaptive cycling.  You can find out more here: https://tri-cyclehandbike.com/  

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  1. Hi Laura. Good on you girl. Yes, the condition does sneak up on you mentally, good point. I usually respond with less physical anger and more singing, admittedly, with a lot of swear words ;-).

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