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Our Chair has just written a foreword for our new meetings welcome pack which will help people organise group meetings. You can usually find out details of our upcoming meetings on our meetings page. However, we are currently waiting Covid restrictions to lift so we can safely re-start face to face meetings.

You can read meeting reports in our newsletters, here:

Our hope is that we’ll get a few offers from people to organise meetings in new places. This would give more opportunities to get to meet up with other people. Please get in touch if you are interested!


Welcome to this excellent welcome pack! I am really pleased that our recently formed meetings committee have taken the time and effort to prepare this pack.

One of the key benefits for members is the range of group meetings that we regularly hold at various locations across the country. Many people get great benefits from attending these meetings. People contribute to those meetings in different ways, with some sharing and some listening. The meetings create a safe friendly space where people can feel more comfortable with their HSP. They can more freely listen to, talk about or discuss their HSP with others who understand how HSP can impact on life. We hope that people have the chance to learn, the chance to feel more connected, and the chance to make new friends.

Meetings can be 2 or 3 people meeting for a chat over a coffee or a group of 20 to 30 people listening to advice or experiences. Whatever size or scale, all meetings are important for members, and the range of meetings allows people to choose how they take part.

The group is always keen to hear from people who are considering organising a group meeting. The purpose of this welcome pack is to give anyone enough details to answer questions they may have, and give them enough confidence to give it a go. So, reading the main section will give a great picture, and you can drop in and out any time after to answer any questions as you go.

The meetings committee is a friendly group of people who organise meetings for the group, and who are happy to share their knowledge with others who are looking to organise or help organise meetings. Feel free to reach out and ask questions.

Adam Lawrence,
Group Chair,
May 2021.

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