First 5 miles – Lily Rice

Lily Rice

Women’s WCMX World Champion Lily Rice got the #HSP1000 Mile Challenge off to a fantastic start! Thank you Lily, your 5 miles kick-started the campaign perfectly 🙂

Lily’s motto is “you can do anything you want to, you just have to put your mind to it or do it differently”. Her # is:  #puttingtheabilityintodisability

Aside from having HSP, being the Women’s WCMX World Champion, being the youngest person to land a wheelchair backflip, and winning numerous awards; Lily is currently working on a campaign to get WCMX into the Paralympics!! Lily helps other wheelchair users learn how to navigate regular streets, helping to build their confidence when out and about, day to day.  She provides real inspiration for younger members of the HSP Support Group and their families. 

Lily Rice

To find out more about Lily: http://www.lilyricewcmx.com/ http://www.lilyricewcmx.com/videos/

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  1. Great spirit! You’ve certainly helped inspire me and I am 58! Okay, I’m not doing skate parks, but some of my cross Country aint far off 😉 I hope you are logging the vertical and horizontal miles you do!?

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