Coronavirus – Update on Meetings


At the moment the group is continuing to keep all its meetings digital, and this will be the case for the next few months.

We made a decision at a recent trustee meeting about re-starting face-to-face group meetings. We decided it was inappropriate to re-start face-to-face meetings until at least after the flu season. The trustee meeting took place before the recent “rule of six” restrictions started.

We have sent a letter to members (although those who receive by post won’t have it yet) which you can read here: The letter also summarises the advice we received around risk of potential complications with HSP.

Our next review of the situation will be in January 2021. At this time we will take a view based on: risks, government guidance and prevalence of Covid-19.

Remember, you can continue to enjoy our digital meetings via Zoom, which offer a way to meet up with others, without leaving your home.

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