Jan 24: Arctic Dog Sledding

Emma is fundraising for the group by completing 200km dog sledding in Sweden in January 2024. You can sponsor her here:


Emma says: My son has HSP and it’s a really difficult condition as it’s degenerative so the challenges get harder and harder. More research needs to be done about HSP and patient care needs and support from health services need to improve. The HSP support group funds research and gives excellent support to people with HSP and their families.

This is a difficult challenge. I will need to be super fit. Core and upper body strength is needed to stay on the sled and the dogs don’t pull uphill so you need to push the sled (there are mountains involved) and you have to push the sled through woodland. Plus I will need to be able to run fast and will need to run alongside the sled for some parts.

I’ll be looking after my doggy team and sleeping in temperatures of up to -45°c.

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