Zoom for Scotland

In order to replace physical meetings in Stockport, Malton, Newcastle, and Scotland whilst we find alternatives, there will be a series of regional zooms initially on a Sunday afternoon but will be on different days/times depending on feedback. The regions will be North West England, North East England/ North Yorkshire and Scotland. The aim is to listen to people with …

Scotland update July

We have not yet been able to fix a place for Face to Face meetings. We’ve been offered a room, but nobody to host the meeting, so have decided to run zooms which at least will include the Highlands and islands.

Zoom Scotland Report

Scottish Island

21 May 2023
We had an interesting discussion about how the fund that is supposed to exist for Scots to travel to centres in England can be accessed. It seems one exits to allow those on the islands to travel within Scotland for treatment.

Scotland update

We have been a bit quiet on the Scotland front so I thought I should update you. There have been a few Zooms over the past months and the plan was to wait until the planned meeting of the Scottish CPG at the Holyrood parliament on 15th March.

Scottish Zoom meeting

There will be a Zoom for the people of Scotland on Sunday 21st May, from 3pm-5pm. Remember you can drop in and out of this meeting. Please contact the meeting organiser, Mike for more details. We have a Whats App group if you want to join, please also contact Mike for details.

Scotland Zoom Meeting Report

22nd October 2022
The meeting went ahead despite the muddle of Meta Rejigging of Facebook, and several zoomed including some new. We spent a lot of time talking about rollators, bikes and other rural mobility aids that could cope with tough surfaces as well as what adjustments Motorbility might make.

Scottish Zoom meeting

There will be a Zoom for the people of Scotland on a provisional date of 22nd October 2022. While this meeting will be via Zoom, in future we will try and fix a location in Scotland suitable for most, for a physical get-together. Currently we have an offer for physical meetings near Glasgow. We did plan a physical meeting in …