October 2017 - Jo and Abi run the Leicester 10K

Jo and AbiAbi and I have run together for around two years, and enjoy taking part in organised runs to give us a goal to work towards and motivation from knowing that we're raising money for charity in the process. Last year we ran Birmingham 10k to raise money for Macmillan, who cared for Abi's Grandad, and this year we were pleased to use the Leicester 10k as a reason to ask our friends to donate to the HSP Support Group.

The HSP Support Group has been a huge help to my Mum, who has HSP. It's offered her, and us, opportunities to learn about the condition and to meet other people in similar situations.  As a rare condition I'm pleased to have been able to talk about it and raise awareness of both what the illness is and the great work that the HSP Support Group does.

With Abi having recently moved to Leicester and me living in Birmingham, we often trained solo but have been checking in with one another's progress.  Having run a few 10k's before, we knew we could achieve the distance, so we were focused on doing it in a good time.  I was very pleased to have shaved a couple of minutes off my personal best and ran in 53 minutes 21 seconds, making me the 66th woman across the line!  Abi ran it in 58 minutes 32 seconds, and felt that she left it a bit too late to let out her final burst of energy, but ran close to her best time too.

We're so pleased to have raised so much for HSP Support group, and that it will be used to fund research and support those living with the condition.  The current fundraising total stands at £645, and our fundraising page will remain open for the next few weeks, for any extra donations

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