HSP Group Constitution & Processes

The HSP group is in the process of revising its constitution and processes. Our current constitution is here:

Current Constitution

The documents which are linked below are being developed.  Click on any link to download a copy.

The first one listed, the proposed new constitution will be put to our members for approval at our AGM in June 2018.

Proposed Constitution

At the AGM we will be voting for our Trustees for the next term of office. This document contains their Trustee Statements for that election.

Trustee Statements for 2018 AGM

 These other processes are our description of the way we will be conducting the HSP Group's business. These are set and agreed by the Trustees.

Data Protection Policy

Expenses Policy

Use of Funds

Risk Management Policy

Privacy Statement

Confidentially Agreement

Trustee Application

HSP Committee Structure

Data Processing Framework